The Sensory Centre is a fantastic venue for our daughter who is 8 and has complex special needs. She gets really excited about going and loves the way she can crawl or walk around on her own.

Children without additional needs can access soft play areas by themselves enabling them to have fun whilst the parents have a break. For disabled children like our daughter this isn't an option as she always requires help. The Sensory Centre is the first venue we have found where our daughter can access everything and have fun without continued assistance.

She loves the big soft slide, the rollers, trampoline and sensory areas. I overheard her friend tell his mum that he would love to have his birthday party there because..."all my friends would be safe..."

The centre is a fun, safe and vibrant place that we can relax in, knowing that our daughter can enjoy herself just as her peers can.

The staff are always friendly and helpful and the soft play structure has been designed in such a way that adults can stand up all the way around to help their children, so no more injured backs!